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Planner Uses

I shall be doing a series of introduction posts to new things that will be cropping up on this blog – I thought an explanation may help before I jump feet first into a series and end up loosing all of you due to confusion or lack of clarity in why I am suddenly writing the series.  Anyway, on to explaining the next series you will see randomly popping up on this blog (well, technically, not randomly, I’m attempting to run this blog on a 4 weekly cycle and this series will run in week one of that cycle on a Wednesday, provided I can keep to the plans!)…

The series is called Planner Uses and will focus on different uses for you planner besides being, well, a planner.  I will be looking at creative ways to use your planner and how others have re-purposed them for other uses.  After that, (hopefully on the Friday of the same week!), I will be showing you how to set up and use your planner for that purpose!  When I started researching for this series (waaaay back in 2016!) I thought I would struggle to find other uses for a planner but when I searched and looked and read and commented and questioned, I found a whole host of uses that I hadn’t even though of or that would have ever occurred to me!  I’m so excited to start this series and if you are too then swing by for the first installment of this new series on 1st February!

And, if you fancy popping by on Friday I will share with you my planner set up, as a planner!, for 2017 🙂