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Planner Overview 2016 and Planner Aims for 2017

This post is bought to you in association with Planner Girls Collective, a bunch of girls who love planners and who blog, each Monday we will be posting a blog about the same topic, my post will be featured here and at the end I shall link you all to the other bloggers taking part!  This is a total first for me so bear with me while I get the hang of this!!!  🙂

I started 2016 off with a system using ALL the inserts, seriously, I don’t think there was a format of diary pages I didn’t welcome the New Year in with.  I had Week on 2 Pages (WO2P), Month on 2 Pages (MO2P), Year pull out page, and Day 2 a Page (D2AP) inserts.  I foolishly thought I could use all of this in my Temperley for Filofax Icat wallet, which, at the time seemed a good idea…I could see my year at a glance and what I had planned/holidays/festivals/annual leave/birthdays, then my weekly inserts would be useful for tracking bills and appointments, my monthly pages would track birthdays and re-occurring things like bin days and my Day 2 a Page inserts would give me enough space to keep track of all the day to day things like shopping and cleaning and other minute details.  In honesty, this system was too faffy, my Temperley rings were too small to handle the demand and I got fed up of having to log things 2 or 3 times on different pages.  Then there was the changing over and switching about of pages as my Temperley would only hold 2 months things at one time so I was forever removing and adding pages, adding and removing and it all became a bit too much.  I loved that I could use my Filofax as a wallet though and be able to carry just one thing around with me instead of 2 (or 3 if you counted my mobile, which fit perfectly in the wallet too!) and in an emergency I could just grab that and go, knowing I had my cards, mobile and diary with me. (You can view last years set up here…)

Mid way through 2016 (I forget when exactly as I didn’t write it down or anything) I started using my pink, personal, Filofax Cross again, the rings were bigger and I missed being able to stuff it to the brim.  In fact, I had missed the whole thing, I’d been so used to carrying it around with me for the past few years, it felt weird without it.  I ditched the superfluous pages (namely every insert except my day to a page) and moved back to my Cross.

By September I realized that I wasn’t utilizing the space that D2AP offered me, in fact, some days I wasn’t picking up and using my Filofax at all, daunted by the mass of space that was on each page and feeling a bit sad that I didn’t have as much to write in there.  In the past, when I was running 2 jobs, logging work hours for transferring to my time sheet, attending uni and college and doing a whole host of other activities that space was precious and in some ways I needed more.  I didn’t take into account that my life had changed and maybe the format wasn’t the right one for me.

In October I received my unicorn planner, a lovely personal sized Filofax Malden in Kingfisher Blue from the boyfriend.  It contained a lot of different pages, finance, to do, notes, address and a week on 2 pages (WO2P) diary inserts for 2017 in Cotton Cream.  I started pondering whether the WO2P would suit me better.

At the end of October I decided to switch planners again (!) and decided to use my A5 Paperchase binder for the remnants of 2016.  I decided to use WO2P inserts just to see if that layout would suit me better in 2017.  I looked around on the net and found some free printable inserts on the Philofaxy website and decided to give them a go!  After the first week using the wo2p A5 sheets I found that I had enough space left to get back into decorating my pages too, some of the pages are shown on my Instagram @plannermontannah!

This year I have learned a few valuable lessons; namely do not just rely on what worked previous years, you need to re-assess what you have a use for and how your lifestyle has changed, what works well for you one year may not work well for the following.

I have also learned that switching format and size about makes archiving my year so much more difficult.  In fact I think I have thrown away most of my diary pages from this year as I couldn’t make head nor tale of what order they should go in, or how to file them as there was too much cross over, overlapping and blank pages to bother.

So, my aim for 2017 is to stick with the same size and format for my main planner, I can (if I want…) switch binders to shake things up a bit, but I’m not going to make any promises to stick to it…I’m just going to forge ahead with my WO2P inserts in personal size and see where the year takes me!  I am also aiming to decorate most weeks if I can using stickers and washi and the occasional weekly kit(!!!)

If you want to see my set up for 2017 the post can be found here!

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