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Favorite Stationery and Craft Shops


This post is in collaboration with Planner Girls Collective and is my 3rd(!!!) post writing with the group.  This week our topic is Favorite Stationery and Craft Shops, you can find links to the other bloggers taking part at the end of this post, please check them out and let us know your thoughts!!!

So, I thought quite long and hard about this post and thought about all the shops I buy stationery and craft items from both online and in actual, bricks and mortar, shops.  I decided to talk about the latter, the actual, physical shops rather than the ones I find on-line because, while I really enjoy buying on-line and can do that from pretty much anywhere, sometimes I worry about the quality of the item and whether it is fit for purpose (the items I buy nearly always fit what I am after!!!) there is nothing better than wrapping up and going for a mooch around the shops and being able to see, smell and touch the items you are wanting to buy (especially true for me when it comes to pens and paper!), and you can take the item home with you to use right away!!! – No worrying about when the order will be processed, posted and delivered!

Im fairly lucky to live close(ish) to the city of Cardiff and hiding in the shopping arcades are some real gems worth visiting…

Pen And Paper in Royal Arcade is one of my favorite places to be, the shop is filled to the brim with lovely pens, inks and paper of all descriptions and just walking around in there gives me a sense of belonging.  I love their Papuro Journals, the paper quality is amazing and the leather covers are so soft and lovely!  They are fab for journaling and sketching and come in a variety of colors and sizes.

The Pen Shop in St Davids Arcade is a heaven for pen lovers and stocks some of the most beautiful pens I have ever seen, ever.  They stock all kinds of pens, from biros, to fountain and calligraphy pens, pencils and erasers.  It is worth a visit just to go a drool over the Mont Blanc fountain pens!

Classy Crafts on Dumballs Road stocks all manner of craft items, from glitter glues to brads and eyelets, it’s an Aladdin’s cave of all things crafty.  I have lost many an hour looking at everything the shop has to offer!

Inkspot in the Old Church on Clifton Street is one of my all time favorite shops and has seen me through GCSE and A level art and has been my go to for much of my craft needs.  I can think of no better place for an art and craft shop to be based than inside of an old church!  They stock pens, papers, inks, paints, pastels, stickers, cutting equipment…so much stuff that I can’t even list it all here…I love their range of sketch books and pads there are so many different sizes and bindings that there is something for everyone’s needs and uses!

Other places that I love to visit when in Cardiff are Waterstones, they always have a lovely range of stationery including Paperblanks notebooks (such smooth paper!!!).  Paperchase stock lovely items with fun prints on, often you can get a whole matching set of stationery including binders and notebooks, whats not to love about a whole matching range?  And they stock lovely, fun, craft items too that can be used in planners (and not to mention their own range of inserts and planners!!!) and Clinton Cards who do some lovely bits of stationery!

What are your favorite stationery and craft shops?

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