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Tools is a new introduction to the blog, the idea behind this is that aside from a pen, planner and inserts there are more tools that you can add to your kit to help you to create lovely spreads, manage your time, personalize and add to your planner along the way.  These tools can take the shape of scissors, tweezers, hole punches, laminators, tapes, highlighters, post-its – you get the idea, the list is almost endless!

This series will be looking at all manner of items, how you can use them in your planning and handy hints and tips as well!

The first post in this series will be here on 24th February!

What sort of tools would you like to see covered in this section?



I am a photographer (BA with Honours in Photographic Art) I shoot with all types of camera (digital, film, SLR/DSLR and phone) edit using Enlight (iPhone app) or Photoshop CS3 or Elements 9. I blog my work and ideas.

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