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Week On A Page

Week on a Page (WOAP) inserts are a fab addition to more compact planners (like the Filofax Saffiano Compact or the Temperley for Filofax Ikat print wallet) or even small planners like the Pocket Filofax range or the Mini, anywhere that space may be tight.  I love WOAP inserts for my wallet Filofax, I can still carry around my plans and jot down any important appointments to transfer them over to my personal planner when I get home.

I don’t currently use WOAP inserts as I rarely go anywhere that I am not carrying around my bag with my day to day planner in it (and really I don’t have much to plan appointment wise) but I did find this format really handy when I was in university and needed to keep track of assignments, classes and when library books were due back.  I also used this format to keep track of different shifts in my jobs that I was working at the time (in a Pocket Domino Filofax!)

I am considering setting up my Saffiano Compact at some point using WOAP inserts to track my blog posts for next year!  I am currently using a diary that I bought from WH Smith which I love along with a Paperblanks notebook for blog notes and ideas but think that combining notes and a diary for next year might be easier as everything will be together under one cover so to speak!

Do you use WOAP inserts?

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Can’t Live Without…

Welcome back to the latest installment of the Planner Girls Collective posts!  This is my eighth post in collaboration with Planner Girls Collective (you can find all other posts here) – a group of like minded planner girls who will be blogging each week on the same subject and then linking to each others posts afterwards.  Today topic is “Can’t Live Without”.  I have decided to go with the theme “Can’t Live Without on a Day to Day Basis…”…

  • Coffee


Image from my personal instagram!

It doesn’t matter whether it is cheap coffee or some artisan brew, I need coffee first thing in the morning every morning, without fail.  I tend to make a travel mug of the stuff to take with me to work, that way when I get there its pretty close to being drinkable.  I got bought this fab Bodum a few Christmas’ ago by my sister in law and it is one my most used things day to day!

  • Anti-histamines

I have really bad hay fever that starts usually mid march and doesn’t really go until October/November, it starts with the new leaves and tree blossoms and finishes when the bracken has completely died back and the weather is mostly damp.  I have tried so many different brands and have now finally found one which seems to work! (Fexofenadine if anyone is interested!)

  • My Car and Campervan

I would be completely lost without my car, its my way of getting to work – a pretty awkward and long journey on public transport involving 1 bus and around 20mins travel for a 3.5 mile journey.  And my campervan…it gets me away from it all, my partner, dog and I go away in it pretty much every weekend from April to October, we have been away in it to festivals, weekend breaks and spent 2 weeks traveling around in it last year on our main break away!  Bonus cheeky fact…I’ve only ever owned VW’s, 3 polos ( a C reg, and E reg polo breadvan’s, my current VW Polo and my Camper!)

  • My Iphone (currently an Iphone 6)


Is it sad that I have this on my list?  I sort of feel like technology should be a choice rather than a need, but I use my phone for everything – phoning my parents, texting my best friend, social media, emails, buying things, reading on, gaming and taking photos!  One thing I don’t use my phone for though, is blogging, I really can not deal with typing away on such a small screen and trying to edit posts.

  • Wine (preferably white, I practice the ABfC of wine (Anything But ‘effing’ Chardonnay))


Wine on a friday makes a hard week in work a lot better.  For me it signifies the end of a chapter and the start of relaxation and unwinding!

  • Baths


I love a nice bath on a friday to go with my glass of wine.  There really is nothing better than coming home and relaxing with a good book in the bath!

  • Wax Melts


I love cold, dark nights and coming home, putting a candle on and getting my wax burner going.  There is something about candle light that is really comforting and can make you feel really warm and cosy, couple that with a lovely scent filling the room and that is pretty much perfect in my eyes!

  • My Dog (Roxy)


I’ve had Roxy for 2 years now, since she was a puppy!  And while she might not be the best behaved dog in the world (digging up my lawn and pulling on the lead) she is mine.  She goes pretty much everywhere with me and is always by my side.  She makes me laugh when I need cheering up, cuddles up to me when I’m ill, sleeps next to me and keeps me company.  She gets me out and about and I have been places on walks with her that I didn’t even know existed!

And finally…where would I be without my planners?  I wouldn’t be here with this blog  if I didnt love my planners and I really couldn’t function without one!

What could you not live without?

Check out what the other girls in the Planner Girls Collective can’t live without using the links below!











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Hole Punch

Tools are versatile things that help you in your day to day planning and can become essential over time.  My favorite, and possibly most used tool is the humble hole punch.

When I first started planning I used a regular 2 hole punch and had to line up each hole really carefully before making the move, it was really clumsy, awkward and really fiddly to get all 6 holes in the right place, let alone in a neat line!

I then switched to Fiskars Hole Punch and Eyelet Setter springy boiing things which were in my crafting kit, these worked well for a bit but I did find the pull back and let go motion sometimes off set the hole from where it should be though they were a lot more reliable than my original method!

At some point I bought the filofax plastic hole punch for my A5 planner.  I liked the idea that it would fit into my planner and I would always have a punch available so I could add my uni and college notes easily.  What I didn’t think about was that unless the punch is covered with something it can leave dents in the paper or your planner, not only that but in reality it will only punch one piece of paper at a time (and not very well) but it adds extra bulk to your planner and you are forever opening and closing your planner rings (which I try to avoid).

Sticking with the single hole punching method (and because I couldn’t really afford anything better) I then switched to this little beauty which worked really well as you could see exactly where you were punching the hole and it worked for all sizes of the planners I was using (A5, personal, pocket, mini) though it did give you hand cramp if you were punching a ton of things!  I still use this every now and again and it is fab to put in your bag for on the go planning needs.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when I took delivery of this Rapesco 6 Hole Punch and I wonder why I ever tried to make do with the other options of punches available.  For me the only 2 punches I will ever need in my planning life ever again are this one and my single hole punch!


What is your favorite hole punch?

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Shop Additions

I haven’t made any more items recently but I have now listed my new makes which I showed you in this blog post.

Here’s the latest additions with direct links to them in my shop

Locket with Blue Star

Locket with Orange Star

Locket with White Star


Peace Symbol on Turquoise Disc


Resin Heart with Dried Flower


Jingle Belle

I also listed these two charms that I made also


Queen of Hearts


Regal Crown

You can find my shop and all other listings here

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Today on Planner Makes I am going to talk you through making your own dividers for your planner.  I know what you are thinking, its the same thing I had running through my mind before I made my own… “this is going to be hard” or “where do I start?” and then “ok, whats the easiest way to do this?”… Read on and I’ll go through it all step by step with you but first I’ll show you the dividers that I made and have been using since December.

So, these dividers are double sided so I can flip them over if I fancy it and use co-ordinating scrap book paper that I bought a while ago, I believe it was Dovecraft’s Back to Basics Paper Stack from Hobbycraft (but I don’t have the sleeve for the paper anymore and only about 2 sheets left…).  These dividers have been laminated to make them a bit tougher and are used daily in my personal sized Filofax Malden.

What you will need to make your own dividers…

  • Cute paper (I used scrap book paper but you could use wrapping paper or wallpaper, any paper that takes your fancy)
  • Pencil
  • Old dividers
  • Ruler
  • Guillotine
  • Scissors
  • Laminator (optional)
  • Hole Punch


  1. Lay out your paper face down onto a flat surface and then place your old dividers on top , making sure all the tabs are in the right place (for double sided dividers this does not matter so much, but for one sided then it can be useful to make sure all the tabs are in alignment then mark them so you know which way up they need to face.)
  2. Mark around the old dividers onto the paper with a pencil, it may be useful to use a ruler to make sure the lines are straight.
  3. Once you have got the outline for all dividers drawn out you can then cut around the new dividers or use a guillotine to get most of the straight edges cut.  You will need to use scissors to cut around the tabs.
  4. Now that the dividers are all cut out you can either run these through a laminator then re cut with a bit of a border around the plastic or you can just hole punch the new dividers and add them to your planner.

If you want to make double sided dividers then you will need to re-visit step one but turn all of the old dividers over before tracing the shape out onto new paper, so that you have a mirror image of each, new, divider.  You will then want to attach the mirror images together with glue or double sided tape before laminating and finally hole punching.

Variations that you could incorporate are using different shapes for the tabs (like parts of circles – punch out or cut some circle shapes from different patterned or colored card) and overlay the shape on to the tabs so the shape just covers the original tabs before fixing down and laminating.  You could personalize the dividers with letters or pictures, photos or artwork, glitter, stamps or material….the list is almost never ending!

Have you made your own dividers?  What did you choose to make them more personal to you/your planner?


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Budget Craft Ideas


Welcome back to the latest installment of the Planner Girls Collective posts!  This is my seventh post in collaboration with Planner Girls Collective (you can find all other posts here) – a group of like minded planner girls who will be blogging each week on the same subject and then linking to each others posts afterwards.  Today topic is “Budget Craft Ideas”.

I am going to focus on budget craft ideas for your planner…

  • make your own note paper inserts from scrap paper or old notebooks – cut down the paper to size and punch holes in it before adding to your planer.  The lovely thing about this idea is that you can use up any paper scraps or make color co-ordinated inserts to match your planner color.
  • Use pretty key-rings as planner charms.  I’m often scared to attach pretty keyrings to my keys as I don’t like the idea of them getting wrecked in my bag but they can make a cute addition to your planner and wont get damaged so quickly.
  • Kid’s stamper pens (like these) are a fab addition to your planner especially if you use bullet points when making lists – cute, colorful and fun…whats not to like?
  • Use Project Life Cards (or similar) as page markers, simply mark where you want to punch them (leaving a bit peeping over the top of the pages, then punch and add to your planner – these can also be used to hold shopping lists (or other notes), vouchers or samples of wash tape.
  • Use tiny post-it notes when making plans before committing them permanently to your planner – this way you can move them around and decorate beforehand.
  • Try making your own diary inserts…. Philofaxy is a great resource for inserts, tips and tricks (not to mention all the other filofax/planner things on there!)

What budget craft ideas do you have?  How about checking out the other Planner Girls Budget Craft posts for more ideas and inspiration






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This Weeks Spread (for week 20 – 26th Feb)

This weeks spread uses a kit from Oodlemadoodles called Unicorn Dreams which I fell in love with a short while ago!  I bought the kit and it came super fast, it is lovely, the colors are bright and the Unicorn is the cutest!  I think this might be my all time favorite spread so far!


Here’s a look back at last weeks layout (also from Oodlemadoodles…)


How have you decorated for the week ahead?



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Thoughts – February

I have really surprised myself, normally by now I would be having layout and planner envy and wishing that I had set up my planner in a different way or be wanting to introduce something else into my planner to “try”, but this has not happened yet…. Maybe I have found the elusive “Planner Peace” finally?

I am still enjoying decorating my pages and filling in my plans week to week, the only tweak I have made is the addition of tiny post-its which I write future plans on and date before sticking to the relevant day if the week has not yet been decorated.

I have been using Oodlemadoodles kits for a short while and I am loving the inclusion of the meal plan stickers (little circles with knife and fork motif’s) which have been helping me to plan my meals (and shopping lists).  I am usually a really lousy meal planner and just grab something and go , and while this has worked in some ways, in others it hasn’t (like it can be a pretty unhealthy way to eat…) so meal planning is something new but is helping me diet wise and also time wise – less faffing around and thinking about what to have, and it’s something I think I may just stick with planner wise!

Here’s a look back at the last few weeks layouts..

Kits from Oodlemadoodles and KayeLimePie

What things have you changed in your planner this month?  What has worked and what hasn’t?


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Wish List

This month’s wish list is fairly short and short and sweet, and I may need your help with some recommendations too…

This month I am wishing for anything Wales themed for my layout for February 27th to March 5th as it is St David’s Day on the 1st March (he’s the Patron Saint of Wales!), or anything Welsh Dragon, Daffodil, Leek or Love Spoon themed!  I have had a search on etsy for weekly kits but not found anything yet…

This New Filofax!  A zipped Saffiano in Vista Blue would be the perfect wallet planner for the spring!

And finally an Easter themed weekly kit, this one from xoMamaPlans has caught my eye!