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Budget Craft Ideas


Welcome back to the latest installment of the Planner Girls Collective posts!  This is my seventh post in collaboration with Planner Girls Collective (you can find all other posts here) – a group of like minded planner girls who will be blogging each week on the same subject and then linking to each others posts afterwards.  Today topic is “Budget Craft Ideas”.

I am going to focus on budget craft ideas for your planner…

  • make your own note paper inserts from scrap paper or old notebooks – cut down the paper to size and punch holes in it before adding to your planer.  The lovely thing about this idea is that you can use up any paper scraps or make color co-ordinated inserts to match your planner color.
  • Use pretty key-rings as planner charms.  I’m often scared to attach pretty keyrings to my keys as I don’t like the idea of them getting wrecked in my bag but they can make a cute addition to your planner and wont get damaged so quickly.
  • Kid’s stamper pens (like these) are a fab addition to your planner especially if you use bullet points when making lists – cute, colorful and fun…whats not to like?
  • Use Project Life Cards (or similar) as page markers, simply mark where you want to punch them (leaving a bit peeping over the top of the pages, then punch and add to your planner – these can also be used to hold shopping lists (or other notes), vouchers or samples of wash tape.
  • Use tiny post-it notes when making plans before committing them permanently to your planner – this way you can move them around and decorate beforehand.
  • Try making your own diary inserts…. Philofaxy is a great resource for inserts, tips and tricks (not to mention all the other filofax/planner things on there!)

What budget craft ideas do you have?  How about checking out the other Planner Girls Budget Craft posts for more ideas and inspiration








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