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Can’t Live Without…

Welcome back to the latest installment of the Planner Girls Collective posts!  This is my eighth post in collaboration with Planner Girls Collective (you can find all other posts here) – a group of like minded planner girls who will be blogging each week on the same subject and then linking to each others posts afterwards.  Today topic is “Can’t Live Without”.  I have decided to go with the theme “Can’t Live Without on a Day to Day Basis…”…

  • Coffee


Image from my personal instagram!

It doesn’t matter whether it is cheap coffee or some artisan brew, I need coffee first thing in the morning every morning, without fail.  I tend to make a travel mug of the stuff to take with me to work, that way when I get there its pretty close to being drinkable.  I got bought this fab Bodum a few Christmas’ ago by my sister in law and it is one my most used things day to day!

  • Anti-histamines

I have really bad hay fever that starts usually mid march and doesn’t really go until October/November, it starts with the new leaves and tree blossoms and finishes when the bracken has completely died back and the weather is mostly damp.  I have tried so many different brands and have now finally found one which seems to work! (Fexofenadine if anyone is interested!)

  • My Car and Campervan

I would be completely lost without my car, its my way of getting to work – a pretty awkward and long journey on public transport involving 1 bus and around 20mins travel for a 3.5 mile journey.  And my campervan…it gets me away from it all, my partner, dog and I go away in it pretty much every weekend from April to October, we have been away in it to festivals, weekend breaks and spent 2 weeks traveling around in it last year on our main break away!  Bonus cheeky fact…I’ve only ever owned VW’s, 3 polos ( a C reg, and E reg polo breadvan’s, my current VW Polo and my Camper!)

  • My Iphone (currently an Iphone 6)


Is it sad that I have this on my list?  I sort of feel like technology should be a choice rather than a need, but I use my phone for everything – phoning my parents, texting my best friend, social media, emails, buying things, reading on, gaming and taking photos!  One thing I don’t use my phone for though, is blogging, I really can not deal with typing away on such a small screen and trying to edit posts.

  • Wine (preferably white, I practice the ABfC of wine (Anything But ‘effing’ Chardonnay))


Wine on a friday makes a hard week in work a lot better.  For me it signifies the end of a chapter and the start of relaxation and unwinding!

  • Baths


I love a nice bath on a friday to go with my glass of wine.  There really is nothing better than coming home and relaxing with a good book in the bath!

  • Wax Melts


I love cold, dark nights and coming home, putting a candle on and getting my wax burner going.  There is something about candle light that is really comforting and can make you feel really warm and cosy, couple that with a lovely scent filling the room and that is pretty much perfect in my eyes!

  • My Dog (Roxy)


I’ve had Roxy for 2 years now, since she was a puppy!  And while she might not be the best behaved dog in the world (digging up my lawn and pulling on the lead) she is mine.  She goes pretty much everywhere with me and is always by my side.  She makes me laugh when I need cheering up, cuddles up to me when I’m ill, sleeps next to me and keeps me company.  She gets me out and about and I have been places on walks with her that I didn’t even know existed!

And finally…where would I be without my planners?  I wouldn’t be here with this blog  if I didnt love my planners and I really couldn’t function without one!

What could you not live without?

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I am a photographer (BA with Honours in Photographic Art) I shoot with all types of camera (digital, film, SLR/DSLR and phone) edit using Enlight (iPhone app) or Photoshop CS3 or Elements 9. I blog my work and ideas.

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