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Month On 2 Pages

I don’t use Month On 2 Pages (MO2P) inserts anymore, but, when I was in School, College, Uni and working a few different part time jobs I found this kind of insert to be the most useful for planning my time and knowing where I needed to be at a glance.  I did have some for one of my planners the other year but aside from setting them up I never really used them so decided not to add them to my planner this year.

I had 2 or 3 different planners on the go at one point (a Domino Pocket in Indigo for my work stuff, an A5 for my college and uni notes that I bought from Paperchase and my pink Filofax Classic that combined all of my day to day itinerary.) and I had MO2P papges in all of them.  My work one held all my shift rotas, my college and uni one held my timetable info and class times and my everyday planner had all of my timetables and rotas combined (along with annual leave days, holidays booked and festivals, camping and car mot/insurance/tax) on it – it was a mess!  I wish I had kept the pages or photographed them so I could show you, they looked really chaotic but made sense to me!

All my MO2P inserts came from Filofax (you can buy them here)

Do you use MO2P pages?




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8 thoughts on “Month On 2 Pages

  1. Hi! Ohmigoodness I just love Monthly pages. They show what’s coming up (it’s where I do all my forward planning), and since I use separate work and personal planners, it’s especially delightful to review my past Monthly personal pages (in my Mini Filofax). Always enjoy looking back to see these monthly recaps, like a mini journal! Thank you for the fun post 🙂

    Heather at vanilla folders

  2. I’d be lost without them. They give me the view of the month’s important dates and events/appointments. I can actually do away with the weeklies or dailies, but the monthly pages are a fixture in my planner.

    1. I like the idea of keeping important dates on them! And thinking about it, and how I use my planner, the dates wouldn’t get lost on my pages but be easily seen at a glance on their own pages! Xoxox

  3. I discovered monthly pages in the beginning of this year and I can´t understand how I made it before! I just love them. They help me to visualize what I have to do and when, otherwise I simply don´t understand why this and that comes so quickly 😀 I am a very visual person, so to “see” is the most important thing to me 🙂

  4. MO2P are a must for me. I track pay days (because I love my money!), trips, dog meds and hotspots, and my gas. I only keep 3 months at a time in my planner. I prefer the Daytimer Portable Two Page Per Month because the paper is heavier. They are my only non-Filofax insert. I tried removing them and a week later put them back in. They are handy.

    1. I loved mine at the time! And I love hearing how everyone uses them!!! I’m sort of reconsidering introducing them back into my life for tracking things! Xoxox

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