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Finding Myself Again

Not long after my last post (way back in April) I found myself struggling to get motivated and just generally feeling totally overwhelmed and stressed, nervous and anxious all the time, add that to my insomnia and you have a very wired me that can pretty much do nothing apart from exist – hence the lack of posts (When I get super stressed or anxious I tend to withdraw from everything). I sought help from a doctor who (along with other reasons that are awaiting testing) sent me to a mental health worker to assess my needs and offer me help and support, one of the options that was discussed and recommended to me were classes in Stress Control and Anxiety Management. At the end of April I attended my first out of 6 classes that I was to attend weekly. These classes have helped me a lot, they taught me that it’s ok to feel this way and that by acknowledging these feelings and thoughts and identifying ways to help that I can get through this…a lot of what I learned was similar to Mindfulness, but there was also a part of the course that encouraged me to re-engage with some of the things I used to find enjoyable (art, planning, drawing, photography, creating), things which have slowly disappeared from my life as the stress and anxiety took over. I bought a Leuchtturm Dot Grid notebook (a mini first off) and so began a trip down the bullet journal ( aka bujo) hole…

Nearly 6 months after my first foray into the world of bujo and I have found that I have a creative outlet that is helping me to be more levelled in my stress and anxiety, helping with other aspects of my mental health and letting me have the creative outlet that I so obviously needed in my life.

If you are struggling with any aspect of your mental health and it is starting to affect your everyday life and the things you enjoy are starting to become dull and mundane, please seek help, visit your doctor, chat with a mental health worker and put some self care measures in place. Take some time out if needed and re-remember what you enjoy and why.

I’m still experiencing stress and anxiety, not to the extreme I was before, and I’m still waiting on further tests which should be happening in April next year (I’m being on a waiting list to be investigated for ASD and all the testing that goes along with that) but being able to have a space to analyse my day, thoughts, emotions and have a creative outlet that I can look back on makes things much more bearable.

If you would like to see my pages then they are all available on my instagram .

For further information on managing stress or anxiety visit

For information on ASD please see



I am a photographer (BA with Honours in Photographic Art) I shoot with all types of camera (digital, film, SLR/DSLR and phone) edit using Enlight (iPhone app) or Photoshop CS3 or Elements 9. I blog my work and ideas.

One thought on “Finding Myself Again

  1. Hi, hon! It’s so great to hear from you again. I was hoping you were doing OK. It is good news that you are feeling better and reconnecting with your self and your needs. Enjoy the little things, each day. I think they mean the most. Please keep taking care of YOU. There is just one you and you deserve the very best. 🙂 xo xo

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