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Birthday/Occasions Reminder

There are so many different ways to incorporate a Birthday/Occasions Reminder into your planner the list is almost endless and, even in its most basic form, can be adapted to any planning style or any planner size!  This post will help you with setting up a Birthday/Occasions Reminder in several different ways.

The first way is probably the most basic and one I have used previously – the pull out Year Calendar

You can purchase this kind of calendar from Filofax online or some stores that carry the Filofax line of inserts.  I really like the ease of use with this style of insert for the purpose of Occasion Reminder, you can see the whole year at a glance and see when certain events fall.  The downfall of this for me was that once it was filled in, unless I had something else to add it wasn’t something I was checking on a day to day/week to week basis.

You can use sheets of paper titled with the month, dates listed in a margin and then write in the occasions you want, if you leave the pages without a year on them they can be carried from one year to the next.  Month on a page inserts would be perfect for this if you decided that you would rather purchase than make inserts!  These could then be placed in its own section in your planner or at the start of each new month in your planner.

I really like the idea of having a monthly overview at the start of the month so you can see in detail what is happening that month and be prepared for the days ahead.  I am currently using these dividers in my Filofax to separate out the months and write down all my Occasions on.  The dividers are set so that the beginning part of January is on one divider, the second part is on the second divider which has part of February on the reverse, the second part of February has the first part of march on it etc…and it is the only thing I think I would probably change – I’d have half of Jan n the front of the first divider and the remaining part on the reverse etc, so that each month is on one divider rather than 2.  But, that aside, this system is working for me so far!

I have seen other monthly view dividers, from gridded layouts (like in the Happy Planner) to laminated designs, if you have a search on instagram (#montlyoverview is a good starting point) you will find lots of inspiration!

What sort of Occasions Reminder will you be using?




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Today’s post will show you how to set up a tracker for your planner.

You will need paper inserts, whether they are lined, plain or quadrille the choice is up to you, pens, a ruler (possibly) and something to track!


I chose quadrille paper to track my social media and blog posts on and at the top I wrote in the Month and Year.  I then decided on my placement for what I was tracking and shortened them down into short form code – PW = Post Written, PS = Post Shared, FB = Facebook, I1/I2/I3 = Instagram Accounts 1,2 &3 (I1 is my planner instagram (@plannermontannah), I2 is my steps Instagram and I3 is my personal instagram).  I keep meaning to add 2 further columns PW2 and PS2 (for my other blog that I run) but I haven’t got around to that yet…


If you are using blank paper or lined paper it is worth sketching out your layout on a spare sheet before committing to it permanently – work out your columns and lines and what sort of spacing you need, where your headings and categories are going to be placed and play around until you are happy with the layout, then you can draw it out on the sheets you will be using.

Marking off your data as you complete the item can be done in so many different ways, I mark mine by coloring in the box but you can use stickers, ticks, crosses, emoji’s, whatever you choose.  You can include color coding, like in the image below (that I found on pinterest – just search Year In Pixels for other related images) has on her emotions tracker, where certain colors are matched to certain things or, like me (being lazy) opt for one color…


How have you set up your tracker?  What sort of things are you tracking?

Happy Friday!


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2017 Set-Up

I saw the New Year in with my lovely personal Filofax Malden in Kingfisher blue that my boyfriend bought me for my birthday.  I had her all set up by Christmas Day for 2017.  Here’s my set up in her for this year…

Here’s a little flick through in pictures!  🙂


All inserts are from Filofax and are available here

The Dashboard and dividers were made by me!  There will be a tutorial at some point on this blog on how to make your own!  The laminated cards are from Project Life and laminated by myself, they have a use that will be revealed soon!  🙂

How have you set up your planner for the year?