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Hole Punch

Tools are versatile things that help you in your day to day planning and can become essential over time.  My favorite, and possibly most used tool is the humble hole punch.

When I first started planning I used a regular 2 hole punch and had to line up each hole really carefully before making the move, it was really clumsy, awkward and really fiddly to get all 6 holes in the right place, let alone in a neat line!

I then switched to Fiskars Hole Punch and Eyelet Setter springy boiing things which were in my crafting kit, these worked well for a bit but I did find the pull back and let go motion sometimes off set the hole from where it should be though they were a lot more reliable than my original method!

At some point I bought the filofax plastic hole punch for my A5 planner.  I liked the idea that it would fit into my planner and I would always have a punch available so I could add my uni and college notes easily.  What I didn’t think about was that unless the punch is covered with something it can leave dents in the paper or your planner, not only that but in reality it will only punch one piece of paper at a time (and not very well) but it adds extra bulk to your planner and you are forever opening and closing your planner rings (which I try to avoid).

Sticking with the single hole punching method (and because I couldn’t really afford anything better) I then switched to this little beauty which worked really well as you could see exactly where you were punching the hole and it worked for all sizes of the planners I was using (A5, personal, pocket, mini) though it did give you hand cramp if you were punching a ton of things!  I still use this every now and again and it is fab to put in your bag for on the go planning needs.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when I took delivery of this Rapesco 6 Hole Punch and I wonder why I ever tried to make do with the other options of punches available.  For me the only 2 punches I will ever need in my planning life ever again are this one and my single hole punch!


What is your favorite hole punch?

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Tools is a new introduction to the blog, the idea behind this is that aside from a pen, planner and inserts there are more tools that you can add to your kit to help you to create lovely spreads, manage your time, personalize and add to your planner along the way.  These tools can take the shape of scissors, tweezers, hole punches, laminators, tapes, highlighters, post-its – you get the idea, the list is almost endless!

This series will be looking at all manner of items, how you can use them in your planning and handy hints and tips as well!

The first post in this series will be here on 24th February!

What sort of tools would you like to see covered in this section?