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This Weeks Spread (for week 6th – 12th Feb)


This weeks spread was purchased from KayeLimePie over on etsy and the little recycle bins were purchased from DookPlookDesigns.  The kit had been sat in my cart for a while and I finally purchased it after my pay day in January.  I really love it and chose to use it for the week that my Mum has her birthday in (the colors and patterns Kaye has used in this design remind me of my Mum <3) The mis-matched but totally fit together patterns are lovely and the peacocks are lovely teamed with the feather decorative stickers.  I cant wait to start planning out my week on it!  🙂  And can I just point out that the turquoise in the stickers pretty much perfectly matches the blue of my Kingfisher Malden Filofax!!!

Here’s how my last week ended up looking (see here for the full details)


How is your week looking?


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Today’s post will show you how to set up a tracker for your planner.

You will need paper inserts, whether they are lined, plain or quadrille the choice is up to you, pens, a ruler (possibly) and something to track!


I chose quadrille paper to track my social media and blog posts on and at the top I wrote in the Month and Year.  I then decided on my placement for what I was tracking and shortened them down into short form code – PW = Post Written, PS = Post Shared, FB = Facebook, I1/I2/I3 = Instagram Accounts 1,2 &3 (I1 is my planner instagram (@plannermontannah), I2 is my steps Instagram and I3 is my personal instagram).  I keep meaning to add 2 further columns PW2 and PS2 (for my other blog that I run) but I haven’t got around to that yet…


If you are using blank paper or lined paper it is worth sketching out your layout on a spare sheet before committing to it permanently – work out your columns and lines and what sort of spacing you need, where your headings and categories are going to be placed and play around until you are happy with the layout, then you can draw it out on the sheets you will be using.

Marking off your data as you complete the item can be done in so many different ways, I mark mine by coloring in the box but you can use stickers, ticks, crosses, emoji’s, whatever you choose.  You can include color coding, like in the image below (that I found on pinterest – just search Year In Pixels for other related images) has on her emotions tracker, where certain colors are matched to certain things or, like me (being lazy) opt for one color…


How have you set up your tracker?  What sort of things are you tracking?

Happy Friday!


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My planner is used to track all manner of things, from meetings and appointments to thoughts and ideas but the kind of tracking I am referring to here is more specific and focuses on one action daily.


(Hydrate stickers from a weekly layout kit by Filofabulouss that I purchased and used a week ago!)

Things you can track are vast and numerous, I tend to track my liquid intake (hydration) each day and have a section tracking my social media posts (more on that later!).  I have seen people track weight, steps, activity levels, sleep, periods, car mileage, food and calories, spending and saving, mood…the list is endless.  So how do you track these things?

There are many ways to track things, from little stickers to stamps, codes and symbols to your very own personally designed tracker.  I love these stickers from Plannerface that have a blank section for you to write in what you are tracking.  I like that you can use these as daily stickers, sticking them in each day section of your spread, or to track something weekly by placing them at the beginning of your weekly spread, (or at the end!), and you can choose different color ones for different purposes such as blue for water intake, red for medication or what not.  I also really love the stamp range from StudioL2E as they have a few different stamps that can be used as tracking markers. I was lucky enough to be given these by a friend (see below)

Instead of using stickers or stamps to track things, I have seen people use color coding as a way of tracking things, from little blue dashes along the day section (for water intake) to other colored dashes or dots to mark different things.  I have also seen people use symbols for tracking as well, from circles to indicate that a tablet has been taken to a pink tear shape to mark the first day of a period.  There is no right or wrong way to track things and like a lot of other planner related things it is about finding a system that works for you and that you utilize it.

What do you keep track of in your planner?  How do you track things?

I spoke above about tracking my social media posts and making your own tracker.  I couldn’t find anything suitable to track my social media posts, as I wanted to track posts that had been written, posts that had been blogged and then shared on social media.  I will  be showing you in Fridays post how to set up your own tracking system, so please visit again then!

 Speak to you all on Friday!!!


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Diary Inserts – Week On Two Pages

Welcome back to my series on Dairy Inserts.  Today I am writing about Week on Two Pages inserts, also known fondly as WO2P inserts.



This is the current diary format that I am using in my Filofax Malden, one week spread over two pages, so you can see a full week when your planner is opened at that week.  I made the switch (as I spoke about in the Planner Girls Collective post where I wrote about my planner set up) from Day to a Page as I felt that I just didn’t need that much space anymore, albeit hesitantly, and I can honestly say I have not looked back!

WO2P format is great for someone like me who has a single jobs, a few hobbies and likes to keep track of appointments, to do’s, household day to day, and any other little life notes that need to be made note of (like reminders to phone people, for some reason I’m terrible at that!).

The handiest thing for me is that I can see clearly my full week, from Monday to Sunday, and I even have a space at the top of the first part of the week which I like to add in things to do, reminders or weekly goals, and I even have space to decorate my spread too!  You can buy a few different versions of WO2P including ones that run from Monday to Sunday in equal sections without a notes section, one with smaller sections for the weekend or ones with smaller weekday sections and a larger weekend (though you may need to search places like Etsy for these)

My favorite WO2P at the moment are the ones sold by Filofax however I may need to change my pen over as I have experienced a bit of shadowing (where you can see the pen from the other side of the sheet coming through onto the other side…)

What do you like about WO2P diary inserts?

Here’s some of the spreads that I have decorated for this year.


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Favorite Books


This post is in collaboration with Planner Girls Collective and is my 4th(!!!) post writing with the group.  This week our topic is Favorite Books, you can find links to the other bloggers taking part at the end of this post, please check them out and let us know your thoughts!!!

I’m an avid reader and always have at least one book on the go on any given day.  I tend to read crime/mystery/thriller type books but do dip into comedy and chick lit every now and again!  I also like reading practical books, whether it be about cameras or lifestyle, or crafty art books, though I prefer the term “research” when it comes to these types of book!  As finish a book I often think that it was my “favorite” until I have read the next, or the next so picking a favorite is really hard for me, instead I am going to share a few of the books I have recently read and thoroughly enjoyed along with a few that are on my reading list! I really wish I had the fiction books as actual objects, but I download them to my Kindle to read…I do however, have the non fiction books to hand!

I’m going to split this section down into Favorite Non-Fiction Books that I have read, Favorite Fiction Books I have read and Books on My Reading List (to-read).

Favorite Non Fiction Books (that I have read…)


From L-R

The Hoarder In You – Dr Robin Zasio

Stuffocation – James Wallman

1000 Journals Project

The Photograph as Contemporary Art – Charlotte Cotton

Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter – Louise Pentland

A Mindfulness Guide For The Frazzled Mind – Ruby Wax

Sane New World – Ruby Wax

Spark Joy – Marie Kondo

Postsecret – Frank Warren

Favorite Fiction Books (that I have read)


Tainted Lives – Mandasue Heller

Not pictured as have been read/returned on Kindle

Phoebe Smith’s Private Blog – Lynda Renham

Mad Love – Nick Spalding

My Sisters Grave – Robert Dugoni

Kill Me Again and Only the Innocent – Rachel Spalding

Books On My Reading List

L-R Top to Bottom

The Devils Work – Mark Edwards

Thin Wire – Christine Lewry

Hand on Heart – Sara Downing

Mad Girl – Bryony Gordon

The Little Book Of Hygge – Meik Wiking

What are your favorite books?  And what have you got sitting on your reading list?

Please visit the other girls taking part in the Planner Girl Collective series using the links below!!!







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This Weeks Spread (for week 30th Jan -5th Feb)


This week’s spread is from Oodlemadoodles on etsy and the kit I chose to purchase is “Winters Keeper“.  I have only just discovered Oodlemadoodles shop whilst browsing UK based sellers and I’m pretty much in love with each of the kits that shop owner Grace has designed (and have made several purchases since!!!).  I chose Winters Keeper for this weeks spread as I love owls and we have had some pretty chilly weather and a few mornings of frost here this past week, also I really love the grey and white hues that have been chosen for the other parts of this kit.  the stickers themselves are really lovely quality and I was able to peel and restick a couple with ease (my alignment was out on a couple of the heart list flags).  I chose the matt option which feel very soft and almost dusty (but not in a dirty or bad way!) and so far have been easy to write plans on to!  The kit had lots of extra stickers, like the tiny book arrow (bottom of page on left), meal plan stickers along with cute matching decorative owl and flower stickers.  I added one extra sticker from DookPlookDesigns – the little pastel blue recycle bin in Tuesday’s section which is the perfect size for my personal week on two page spread!

Here’s a look at the end of last weeks spread…


The kit I used is from another favorite store – Filofabulouss and you can find more info here.

The planner I am using is a Filofax Malden personal sized in Kingfisher Blue!

What is your week looking like?  Are there any kits which you would recommend?


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Tools is a new introduction to the blog, the idea behind this is that aside from a pen, planner and inserts there are more tools that you can add to your kit to help you to create lovely spreads, manage your time, personalize and add to your planner along the way.  These tools can take the shape of scissors, tweezers, hole punches, laminators, tapes, highlighters, post-its – you get the idea, the list is almost endless!

This series will be looking at all manner of items, how you can use them in your planning and handy hints and tips as well!

The first post in this series will be here on 24th February!

What sort of tools would you like to see covered in this section?

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Shop Additions

I run a shop over on Etsy selling planner charms that I make.  I started the shop back in November and have decided that part of my new blog series will be “Shop Additions” where I can showcase what I’m making for my shop and things that are finished and will soon be for sale.  I thought this would give you guys a chance to see behind the scenes, see items before anyone else and get to tell me your thoughts!

So without further ado, this is what I have been up to …


This is how my equipment and pieces looked last night, I seem to work best when I can see the things that inspire me and have some kind of thought process into what I am making – I need all the “ingredients” on display!

These are finished items.  They are heart shaped lockets that are decorated to look like Angel Wings are wrapped around them.  I will be stocking all 3 of these in my shop.  They are decorated with different colored stars.

The other charms I made are a peace sign on a shell disc, a resin heart with dried flower and foliage in it and a charm with a load of brass toned jingle bells on it.

I’m playing around with the idea of customzation, firstly in allowing customers to select whether they would like an initial added to the charm to make it more personal and secondly, adding and option where customers can choose to change the planner attachment to either a key ring or clip to make the charm into a bag charm.  All I need to really do now is to photograph these properly and work out how to add them to my shop!

If you would like to see finished items then please visit my shop on etsy which can be found either by going to and searching for PlannerMontannah , or typing into the search bar or clicking here

I’d love to hear your thoughts on my planner charms!

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Planner Makes – Diary Inserts

In this series I will be sharing how to make your own planner items, whether it is inserts, like today, or any other planner related items that you can create for yourself.  I decided on today’s topic of Diary Inserts as for most of this month I feel that we have been talking about them!  It is also around about now, when we are nearly a month into the New Year that I start to think about whether the inserts I have are working for me, especially the diary inserts!

The first thing I like to do when making inserts is to look at what is currently working for me and what isn’t, whether it is wanting to add something into my diary or take something out, change the layout or make areas bigger or smaller (for example making the weekend span one box/line rather than two).  I then take a piece (or pieces) of the same sized paper as your inserts are and draw out your idea’s to see if they will work, once I am happy with the layout I have chosen I then go about setting up my design on to a new Microsoft Word document (set up as landscape orientation) and using the “Text Boxes” and “Table” functions I replicate what I have designed.



The next thing I do, before anything else is to go to Excel and create a Day/Date/Month/Year spreadsheet for the month or year I want to use (like in this picture)


If I am creating a D2AP inserts I will leave the spreadsheet like this, if not I then use the Filter function


and select just mondays which will give you all the mondays in that month, select all and cut and paste these into a new tab and do the same for the other days of the week so you end up with a tab under which are all the mondays, then a tab with all the tuesdays etc…


Now save the whole spreadsheet and head back to Word.  Now we can start the mail merge process!  Mail Merge is a fancy way of obtaining and transferring selected data from your spreadsheet over to your insert design.  I would use the Mail Merge Wizard for this part.


Select Mail Merge Wizard then the starting document as “Letters”.  Select Starting Document as “Use Current Document”.  At Select Recipients click on “Browse” which will bring up a list of documents, find your diary/calendar spreadsheet from the list and click on it.

mail-merge-wiz_edited-1-copy-copy-copy mail-merge-select-rec_edited-1-copy-copy

Depending on how you have saved your spreadsheet, you should get a box like this, for D2AP where you have not split down your days then you should just get a list, for the weekly spreads you should see similar to this


Now you want to select the day that you want your inserts to start on (for mine I am choosing Monday), click on the ok button at the bottom (once you have highlighted your selection) then select “More Items” – select Day then Date, then Month and finally Year (or select each item as you would like it to appear)


mail-merge-more-items_edited-1-copy-copy  day-date-month-year_edited-1-copy-copy

Select Preview Letter in the Mail Merge screen then Complete Mail Merge which will give you the completed version of your inserts.  You will need to do the same thing for each line of your inserts if you are creating anything other than D2AP inserts.  And remember to put a space between each item before you click complete Mail Merge!

preview_edited-1-copy  complete-mail-merge_edited-1-copy

Before saving your document, select the size and save as a pdf which can then be printed, or you can print direct from Word!


I hope this basic guide will help you start to play around with designing your own inserts!  Let me know what you create in the comments below!




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Favorite Stationery and Craft Shops


This post is in collaboration with Planner Girls Collective and is my 3rd(!!!) post writing with the group.  This week our topic is Favorite Stationery and Craft Shops, you can find links to the other bloggers taking part at the end of this post, please check them out and let us know your thoughts!!!

So, I thought quite long and hard about this post and thought about all the shops I buy stationery and craft items from both online and in actual, bricks and mortar, shops.  I decided to talk about the latter, the actual, physical shops rather than the ones I find on-line because, while I really enjoy buying on-line and can do that from pretty much anywhere, sometimes I worry about the quality of the item and whether it is fit for purpose (the items I buy nearly always fit what I am after!!!) there is nothing better than wrapping up and going for a mooch around the shops and being able to see, smell and touch the items you are wanting to buy (especially true for me when it comes to pens and paper!), and you can take the item home with you to use right away!!! – No worrying about when the order will be processed, posted and delivered!

Im fairly lucky to live close(ish) to the city of Cardiff and hiding in the shopping arcades are some real gems worth visiting…

Pen And Paper in Royal Arcade is one of my favorite places to be, the shop is filled to the brim with lovely pens, inks and paper of all descriptions and just walking around in there gives me a sense of belonging.  I love their Papuro Journals, the paper quality is amazing and the leather covers are so soft and lovely!  They are fab for journaling and sketching and come in a variety of colors and sizes.

The Pen Shop in St Davids Arcade is a heaven for pen lovers and stocks some of the most beautiful pens I have ever seen, ever.  They stock all kinds of pens, from biros, to fountain and calligraphy pens, pencils and erasers.  It is worth a visit just to go a drool over the Mont Blanc fountain pens!

Classy Crafts on Dumballs Road stocks all manner of craft items, from glitter glues to brads and eyelets, it’s an Aladdin’s cave of all things crafty.  I have lost many an hour looking at everything the shop has to offer!

Inkspot in the Old Church on Clifton Street is one of my all time favorite shops and has seen me through GCSE and A level art and has been my go to for much of my craft needs.  I can think of no better place for an art and craft shop to be based than inside of an old church!  They stock pens, papers, inks, paints, pastels, stickers, cutting equipment…so much stuff that I can’t even list it all here…I love their range of sketch books and pads there are so many different sizes and bindings that there is something for everyone’s needs and uses!

Other places that I love to visit when in Cardiff are Waterstones, they always have a lovely range of stationery including Paperblanks notebooks (such smooth paper!!!).  Paperchase stock lovely items with fun prints on, often you can get a whole matching set of stationery including binders and notebooks, whats not to love about a whole matching range?  And they stock lovely, fun, craft items too that can be used in planners (and not to mention their own range of inserts and planners!!!) and Clinton Cards who do some lovely bits of stationery!

What are your favorite stationery and craft shops?

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