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Planner Wish List


This is the ninth installment of the Planner Girls Collective posts (you can find all other posts here)!  I won’t be taking part myself as I have already covered 2 monthly wish lists on my blog (January and February) but feel free to check out the other Planner Girls posts in the links below









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Can’t Live Without…

Welcome back to the latest installment of the Planner Girls Collective posts!  This is my eighth post in collaboration with Planner Girls Collective (you can find all other posts here) – a group of like minded planner girls who will be blogging each week on the same subject and then linking to each others posts afterwards.  Today topic is “Can’t Live Without”.  I have decided to go with the theme “Can’t Live Without on a Day to Day Basis…”…

  • Coffee


Image from my personal instagram!

It doesn’t matter whether it is cheap coffee or some artisan brew, I need coffee first thing in the morning every morning, without fail.  I tend to make a travel mug of the stuff to take with me to work, that way when I get there its pretty close to being drinkable.  I got bought this fab Bodum a few Christmas’ ago by my sister in law and it is one my most used things day to day!

  • Anti-histamines

I have really bad hay fever that starts usually mid march and doesn’t really go until October/November, it starts with the new leaves and tree blossoms and finishes when the bracken has completely died back and the weather is mostly damp.  I have tried so many different brands and have now finally found one which seems to work! (Fexofenadine if anyone is interested!)

  • My Car and Campervan

I would be completely lost without my car, its my way of getting to work – a pretty awkward and long journey on public transport involving 1 bus and around 20mins travel for a 3.5 mile journey.  And my campervan…it gets me away from it all, my partner, dog and I go away in it pretty much every weekend from April to October, we have been away in it to festivals, weekend breaks and spent 2 weeks traveling around in it last year on our main break away!  Bonus cheeky fact…I’ve only ever owned VW’s, 3 polos ( a C reg, and E reg polo breadvan’s, my current VW Polo and my Camper!)

  • My Iphone (currently an Iphone 6)


Is it sad that I have this on my list?  I sort of feel like technology should be a choice rather than a need, but I use my phone for everything – phoning my parents, texting my best friend, social media, emails, buying things, reading on, gaming and taking photos!  One thing I don’t use my phone for though, is blogging, I really can not deal with typing away on such a small screen and trying to edit posts.

  • Wine (preferably white, I practice the ABfC of wine (Anything But ‘effing’ Chardonnay))


Wine on a friday makes a hard week in work a lot better.  For me it signifies the end of a chapter and the start of relaxation and unwinding!

  • Baths


I love a nice bath on a friday to go with my glass of wine.  There really is nothing better than coming home and relaxing with a good book in the bath!

  • Wax Melts


I love cold, dark nights and coming home, putting a candle on and getting my wax burner going.  There is something about candle light that is really comforting and can make you feel really warm and cosy, couple that with a lovely scent filling the room and that is pretty much perfect in my eyes!

  • My Dog (Roxy)


I’ve had Roxy for 2 years now, since she was a puppy!  And while she might not be the best behaved dog in the world (digging up my lawn and pulling on the lead) she is mine.  She goes pretty much everywhere with me and is always by my side.  She makes me laugh when I need cheering up, cuddles up to me when I’m ill, sleeps next to me and keeps me company.  She gets me out and about and I have been places on walks with her that I didn’t even know existed!

And finally…where would I be without my planners?  I wouldn’t be here with this blog  if I didnt love my planners and I really couldn’t function without one!

What could you not live without?

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Valentines Bucket List


Welcome back to the latest installment of the Planner Girls Collective posts!  This is my sixth post in collaboration with Planner Girls Collective (you can find all other posts here) – a group of like minded planner girls who will be blogging each week on the same subject and then linking to each others posts afterwards.  Today topic is “Valentines Bucket List”.

This Valentines Day I will be spending the day in work, my partner works away in the week so I will have the evening to myself but that isn’t going to stop me enjoying the day and spoiling myself, so here is my list for my perfect day…

♥ Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows for Breakfast

♥ Wearing my favorite scent and cozy cardigan

♥ Listening to my favorite tracks in the car on the way to work

♥ Making and enjoying a lovely lunch while reading my book

♥ Making plans in my personal Filofax Malden Kingfisher

♥ Candle/fairy light lit bath with my favorite products

♥ Cozy pajamas

♥ A naughty glass of wine

♥ Cozy night in curled up on the sofa with my dog and my book

♥ Facetime with my partner

♥ Early night to bed

What is on your Valentines Bucket List?  Why not visit the rest of the Planner Girls Collective and see what their lists are?



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Latest Stationery Purchases

Welcome back to the latest installment of the Planner Girls Collective posts!  This is my fifth post in collaboration with Planner Girls Collective – a group of like minded planner girls who will be blogging each week on the same subject and then linking to each others posts afterwards.  Today topic is “Latest Stationery Purchases”.


These are most of my latest stationery purchases (aside from the weekly kits that I have already used which can be found on my Weekly Spread posts)  I am including my purchases from January until now as some weeks I don’t really buy anything stationery related!

So, a little walk thorough of the items as individuals…


This is my blog post diary that I bought in WHSmith between Christmas and the new year.  I had been looking for a separate diary to log all my posts in away from my Filofax and this, so far, has been the perfect choice.  I have pretty much planned out all the topics I want to write about for the year and scheduled them into the diary so I can see where I am and what topics I am writing about.  The format is a week to a page, so when open I can see 2 weeks at a time that I find really handy for forward planning and writing.  The size and shape of this are perfect too, not too big or small with enough room to keep track of this blog and my other blog.  I can fit this into my bag and it comes everywhere with me.  One fab feature of this is that it has a plastic removable book cover to help keep it clean and nice looking.


This is yet another diary of sorts that I purchased in B&M Bargains.  It has little illustrations running through it that you can color in.  It has a week on 2 page (WO2P) format and I use this as a gratitude diary.  I keep this on my bedside cabinet and the design and size help it to not be noticed as a diary or anything…(although now the world knows that its my diary lol!)  Its small enough not to get in the way and pretty enough to sit on show.

My Parker IM matching pens (which I wrote about here )  were a kind of indulgent purchase (as in I could probably have bought a cheaper pen…) The fountain pen was to be a replacement for my favorite one that my dog chewed up before Christmas…cut a long story sort…I bought what I thought was a fountain pen in a sale and it turned out I’d bought a rollerball so bought the fountain pen to match online.  I’m really happy with both of these pens and I think they have to take the crown as my best purchases so far!


My baby blue Rapesco 6 hole, adjustable punch!  I originally bought this from amazon, waited ages for it to be sent only for it to get lost in the post so I was a bit upset about that.  I then ordered another one from good old eBay and it turned up within 2 days…I don’t really know why I didn’t buy one prior to this as I have been using a single hole punch which wasn’t the best, and unless you had a proper punch guide it was really hard to get the holes straight, in the right pace or neat…this is a game changer!  And the color is sooo pretty too!

Stickers and weekly kits!!!!!  I don’t think a week goes by where I am not looking at or buying planner stickers and kits!  Aside from those I have already used these are my latest purchases!  I bought functional bins and re-cycling ones from DookPlookDesigns which are the perfect size for my personal Filofax Malden and weekly kits from Filofabulouss and Oodlemadoodles and this weeks kit from KayeLimePie.


And last, but not least, I treated myself to some new tiny post it notes from The Range 🙂

What have your latest stationery purchases been?

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Diary Inserts – Week On Two Pages

Welcome back to my series on Dairy Inserts.  Today I am writing about Week on Two Pages inserts, also known fondly as WO2P inserts.



This is the current diary format that I am using in my Filofax Malden, one week spread over two pages, so you can see a full week when your planner is opened at that week.  I made the switch (as I spoke about in the Planner Girls Collective post where I wrote about my planner set up) from Day to a Page as I felt that I just didn’t need that much space anymore, albeit hesitantly, and I can honestly say I have not looked back!

WO2P format is great for someone like me who has a single jobs, a few hobbies and likes to keep track of appointments, to do’s, household day to day, and any other little life notes that need to be made note of (like reminders to phone people, for some reason I’m terrible at that!).

The handiest thing for me is that I can see clearly my full week, from Monday to Sunday, and I even have a space at the top of the first part of the week which I like to add in things to do, reminders or weekly goals, and I even have space to decorate my spread too!  You can buy a few different versions of WO2P including ones that run from Monday to Sunday in equal sections without a notes section, one with smaller sections for the weekend or ones with smaller weekday sections and a larger weekend (though you may need to search places like Etsy for these)

My favorite WO2P at the moment are the ones sold by Filofax however I may need to change my pen over as I have experienced a bit of shadowing (where you can see the pen from the other side of the sheet coming through onto the other side…)

What do you like about WO2P diary inserts?

Here’s some of the spreads that I have decorated for this year.


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Favorite Books


This post is in collaboration with Planner Girls Collective and is my 4th(!!!) post writing with the group.  This week our topic is Favorite Books, you can find links to the other bloggers taking part at the end of this post, please check them out and let us know your thoughts!!!

I’m an avid reader and always have at least one book on the go on any given day.  I tend to read crime/mystery/thriller type books but do dip into comedy and chick lit every now and again!  I also like reading practical books, whether it be about cameras or lifestyle, or crafty art books, though I prefer the term “research” when it comes to these types of book!  As finish a book I often think that it was my “favorite” until I have read the next, or the next so picking a favorite is really hard for me, instead I am going to share a few of the books I have recently read and thoroughly enjoyed along with a few that are on my reading list! I really wish I had the fiction books as actual objects, but I download them to my Kindle to read…I do however, have the non fiction books to hand!

I’m going to split this section down into Favorite Non-Fiction Books that I have read, Favorite Fiction Books I have read and Books on My Reading List (to-read).

Favorite Non Fiction Books (that I have read…)


From L-R

The Hoarder In You – Dr Robin Zasio

Stuffocation – James Wallman

1000 Journals Project

The Photograph as Contemporary Art – Charlotte Cotton

Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter – Louise Pentland

A Mindfulness Guide For The Frazzled Mind – Ruby Wax

Sane New World – Ruby Wax

Spark Joy – Marie Kondo

Postsecret – Frank Warren

Favorite Fiction Books (that I have read)


Tainted Lives – Mandasue Heller

Not pictured as have been read/returned on Kindle

Phoebe Smith’s Private Blog – Lynda Renham

Mad Love – Nick Spalding

My Sisters Grave – Robert Dugoni

Kill Me Again and Only the Innocent – Rachel Spalding

Books On My Reading List

L-R Top to Bottom

The Devils Work – Mark Edwards

Thin Wire – Christine Lewry

Hand on Heart – Sara Downing

Mad Girl – Bryony Gordon

The Little Book Of Hygge – Meik Wiking

What are your favorite books?  And what have you got sitting on your reading list?

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Inspirational Quotes


This is my second post in collaboration with Planner Girls Collective – a group of like minded planner girls who will be blogging each week on the same subject and then linking to each others posts afterwards.

This weeks Planner Girls Collective post is about inspirational quotes.  At first I didn’t think I really had any quotes to share apart from my secondary dashboard that used to reside in my Temperley for Filofax Ikat Compact wallet and now lives behind my main dashboard and separates my information sheet from the rest of my planner inserts.


This is an Oscar Wilde quote which I have loved for years and found in a Tiffany Jewellery catalogue in 2015.  I cut it out and punched it and it has happily sat behind a clear dashboard in my Temperley for the past year.  I  moved it over to my Filofax Malden in Kingfisher blue when I set it up, the color almost matches!  This quote reminds me to embrace my creative side and either be a creative being and make my life a beautiful place – “be a work of art”, or dress creatively and embrace the quirky fashion sense and accessories that I like “wear a work of art” and to never be afraid to be unique.

I have a diary that I bought for planning my blog posts that has this on the front of it


which always makes me smile.  I didn’t really make any resolutions at the beginning of the year but evaluated what I love doing and how I could be better at that, and blogging was one of them.  I currently run 2 blogs that are active (this one and ) and decided that I wanted to blog more regularly and this diary was chosen for that front!  It reminds me that in order to succeed I need to plan, and to plan I need to write down and schedule things!  This diary has a schedule of all my blog posts mapped out for the whole year and, so far, I am sticking to that schedule!

Other quotes that I find inspirational are


This quote reminds me that the whole earth is alive and that the trees and plant life are at the very heart of this life – they provide our oxygen and without them then we would ease to exist.  It puts everything into perspective for me, and sometimes, when everything gets too much, a walk into the woodland can realign my thoughts and calm me.


This quote is just a reminder that whatever bad happens, it can be the best thing to happen sometimes.  We learn from bad things and grow and that can make us better people and change our perspective, our attitude and our outlook.


This quote is really relevant as I spend so much time worrying about materialistic things – money, objects, jobs, etc…it reminds me to let go, stop worrying and start living in the moment, don’t catastrophize, and stop wasting energy and time on insignificant things.


This last quote is one of my favorites, I spent so much time last year just sorting, re-arranging and caring for belongings that are no more than objects.  This year I am trying to minimize my belongings and stop wasting time organizing them and not using or utilizing them which will give me more time to enjoy my home, friends, family and hobbies!

If you have enjoyed this post then check out the rest of the Planner Girl Collectives posts linked below…. And don’t forget to check back next Monday for the next Planner Girls Collective post!